Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies (LAIS)
A concentration within the CCT MA degree
Graduate Program in Critical and Creative Thinking, University of Massachusetts Boston

The concentration of Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies (LAIS) allows students to develop, in the liberal arts tradition, their general knowledge and critical intellectual abilities. The LAIS concentration has the same structure as the regular CCT M.A. track except for the substitution of foundation courses that make interdisciplinary connections from the options in each of the following four areas.

Foundation Courses
1) CRCRTH 603 Foundations of Philosophical Thought (Arts and Humanities focus)
2) CRCRTH 649 Scientific and Political Change OR CRCRTH 651 Advanced Cognitive Psychology (Social and Behavioral Sciences focus)
3) CRCRTH 640 Environment, Science and Society: Critical Thinking OR CRCRTH 645 Biology in Society: Critical Thinking OR CRCRTH 650 Mathematical Thinking (Natural Sciences focus)
4) CRCRTH 601 Critical Thinking OR CRCRTH 602 Creative Thinking OR CRCRTH 655 Metacognition OR CRCRTH 652 Conceptual Change and Learning (Educational Studies focus)

Any four electives from the program, which may include more of the foundation courses above. Courses from other programs may be used subject to advisor permission.

Research and Writing for Engagement
1) CRCRTH 692 Processes of Research and Engagement
2) CRCRTH 693 Action Research for Educational, Professional, and Personal Change
3) CRCRTH 694 Synthesis of Theory and Practice

Descriptions of courses and the upcoming schedule of course offerings appear on this page.


The Graduate Certificate in CCT with a LAIS concentration requires students to take one course from each of the four Foundation areas in the LAIS Masters (above) and one additional elective.
Exit performance: The project if CRCRTH 692 or 693 is taken as the elective or a public presentation of a final project in one of the foundation courses.

Last update: 23 April 2018