The Teaching for Thinking Network is an ASCD member initiated network linking educators who plan, implement, and assess curricula with a focus on teaching thinking. The TfT network helps its members share research information, references, and other resources.

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Web database of Networks and Centers to Improve Student Thinking
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  • April 5-6 ninth Annual National Paideia Conference, Charlottesville, VA.
  • April 10-13 Annual Conference of American Creativity Association, Philadelphia, PA.
  • April 29-30 Understanding by Design, Philadelphia, PA .
  • May 2-3 Multiple Intelligences, Albuquerque, NM.
  • May 9-11 Learning and the Brain, Cambridge, MA.
  • June 15-19 Tenth International Conference on Thinking, Harrogate, UK.
  • June 29-July 26 Developmental Education, Boone, NC.
  • Thinking-based learning Summer Institute, July 8-13, 2002, Simmins College Boston. Info at 617-965-4604,, or
  • July 16-19 International Conference on Evaluation, Assessment and Critical Thinking. Sonoma, CA.
  • July 22-26 Facilitation the Future Conference on Critical Thinking, Rice Lake, WI.
  • July 22-24 Understanding by Design, Boston, MA.

    After the Wingspread conferences on thinking in the early 1980s, John Barell, assisted by Ron Brandt at ASCD, formally organized the network in 1985. The network published a semi-annual newsletter and its membership grew to several hundred. Since 1990 Robin Fogerty, Esther Fusco, and Sandra Parks have facilitated the network. The focus at the turn of the millennium was on preparing a web database of Networks and Centers to Improve Student Thinking. Now (3/01) that this is almost complete, the network plans to reactivate its membership and facilitate face-to-face exchange. Stay tuned!
    Ask Dr. Think
    Network members take turns to receive inquiries about research information, references, and resources for the teaching of thinking and, after consulting with other network members, to respond and provide recommendations. These inquiries and responses are archived.
    Membership Information
    Members receive the newsletter, Cogitare. The fall 2001 edition will include a printed copy of the database of the Networks and Centers to Improve Student Thinking. To join the network submit the following information by email and send $15 to Ruth Loring.
    Name, Position, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Telephone, Email, Interests, Resources to Share, Willing to have information included in Membership Directory (Y or N)
    Board of Directors, 2001-2
    Sandra Parks, Co-facilitator
    Lou Loomis, Secretary and co-treasurer
    Ruth Loring, Cogitare newsletter editor and co-treasurer
    Doug Brenner, Networker Supremo (web database compiler)
    Bob Hanson, Sceptic
    Peter Taylor, Webhost, Graduate Program in Critical and Creative Thinking, UMass Boston

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