A directory of different facilities, centers, committees, initiatives, key players on UMB campus related to the use of computers in education.

Version 9 Dec. '00, produced by Peter Taylor (to whom additions/corrections should be emailed), with assistance from Brooke Sponseller.

This directory originated through the work of a Fall 2000 Educational Technology Task Force, but should be of more general interest. The Ed. Tech. Task Force was established to report to the Dean of Education on meeting the challenge of promoting effective use of computers and other instructional technology in schools. This would require the faculty of the Graduate College of Education and the larger Professional Education Unit (a.k.a. PECC) to be well-trained and supported so they can deliver the appropriate knowledge and experiences to students. It would also require the faculty to have opportunities for further training and professional development, and access to models to keep abreast of the rapid changes in educational technologies. Finally, as faculty move into this arena they will encounter changes and plans around use of educational technology at the University, such as in distance education, not directly related to the Professional Education Unit's mission.

It is readily clear that the UMB computer scene is complex. This directory is intended to help current and new faculty locate the different resources they need to enhance the use of computers in education, both in their own classes and in the schools their students might teach in. But the directory is not enough on its own for it is also clear that the change and uncertainty about best practices will characterize the immediate future of computers in education and initiatives to promote computers in education. It would make sense, therefore, for faculty to find "technology mentors" to guide them.

The entries are annotated as follows:
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