Sustainability Courses at UMass Boston

Compiled by the committee for Infusing Sustainability in the Curriculum, one component of the Education for Sustainability program.

Contents: Vision of sustainability that informs this initiative | Mission for Infusing sustainability into the Curriculum | List of courses (see for descriptions of the sustainability content of the courses listed)

Vision of sustainability that informs this initiative

Education for Sustainability at UMass Boston is driven by the vision of sustainable economic and social development expressed in the 1987 United Nations' Brundtland Commission report, Our Common Future -- development that "meets the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." In this spirit, we envision three interrelated strands of sustainability:

The Talloires declaration, to which UMass Boston is a signatory, identified the special role campuses can take in moving society towards this vision. Education for Sustainability captures the commitment of UMass Boston to conduct teaching, research, outreach, and operations that further the vision of a sustainable economy, equitable governance, and an engaged populace.

Mission for Infusing sustainability into the Curriculum

The teaching mission of Education for Sustainability is to help students become lifelong contributors to society moving towards sustainability, equity, and engagement. Curricula should seek to develop students' ability to: In short, infusing sustainability into the curriculum involves content (in natural, social, and health sciences, ethics, and humanities), conceptual change, interdisciplinary exchange, and civic responsibility (through service learning and participatory action research).

Listing of courses having sustainability content

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