Fall 2012 Course Offerings
Critical and Creative Thinking Graduate Program

*Subject to confirmation, approval, and change
Before you attend your first class check this site to confirm the room -- when there is a late change to accommodate the actual enrollment, this site is updated more quickly than the University website.
Registration guide for non-matriculated students
Contact the CCT office, cct@umb.edu for further information.

Students interested in the
Science in a Changing World track note that the following courses offered this semester are recommended as:a core course-CrCrTh 645/Bio545; electives-CrCrTh 618, 670; final research & writing courses-CrCrTh 692 & 694. Contact sicw@umb.edu for further information.

Face-to-face classes start Tues. 4 Sept. and end 12 Dec. Holidays 8 Oct, 12 & 22-23 Nov. Online classes start Monday 10 Sept., except CrCrTh645 starts 8 Sept.


6:30-9:15pm (9/10, 10/1, 11/5, 12/3, and one date TBA)
Reflective Practice (1-3 credit course)
CrCrTh 688
Jeremy Szteiter
in conjunction with CCT Network (see this link for times and other details)
Room: CC-3545
Class 6847 (online section, use Class 13284)


Foundations of Philosophical Thinking
Phil 501
Arthur Millman
Room: W02-0127
Class 4512 (at-a-distance participants, use Class 13283)


Anti-racist and Multicultural Education
Larry Blum
Room: M02-0214
Class 6569

Synthesis of Theory and Practice Seminar
Carol Smith
Room: W-2-157
Class 6263 (at-a-distance participants, use Class 13073)


Biology in Society: Critical Thinking
CrCrTh 645 (cross-listed as Bio 545L)
Peter Taylor
Room: W04-0122
Class 6570
(Students registering for "online' section, #6699, can be brought into regular class meetings [Thurs 4:00-6.30pm] from a distance using skype or phone. Consult with instructor about arrangements.)

"CAS 600" = Program Fee, for students not taking any courses. (Students mat register themselves before end of add/drop period. After that, they must contact the program coordinator and will be charged a late fee by the University.)
#2773 or 2774

Independent study-by arrangement with instructor and Program Coordinator
1 credit for synthesis completion, sign up for CrCrTh688, class TBA
3 credits
On-line courses
We want our local M.A. students to be part of the face-to-face community, so matriculated students who are not taking the whole program online MUST get the permission of the Program Director to take on-line versions of courses that are also offered face-to-face.

Critical Thinking
CrCrTh 601
Bob Schoenberg
Class 6696

Creative Thinking, Collaboration, and Organizational Change
Wally Clausen
Class 6698

Biology in Society: Critical Thinking
CrCrTh 645
Peter Taylor
Class 6699
(Students registering for online section are brought into regular class meetings [Thurs 4-6:45pm] from a distance using skype or phone, starting 8 Sept. or, with instructor's permission can undertake the couse asynchronously.)

Thinking, Learning and Computers
(Theme: Critical thinking & Information Literacy)
CrCrTh 670
Jeremy Szteiter
Class 6700

Processes of Research and Engagement
Jeremy Szteiter
Class 6701

Other courses of potential interest

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