Manifesto and Plan for Practice in Critical Thinking

A Collaborative Exploration (CE) in which participants formulate specific plans for how to continue your own development as a critical thinker and, as a result, be able to foster the same among colleagues or students in your work/life/teaching situation.

Books such as Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way provide readers with a program for developing one's creativity, but what is the equivalent for developing one's critical thinking? In any case, given that a mark of creativity is to develop one's own program, not follow someone else's, what would your program—or "manifesto"—for critical thinking look like? This said, all invention involves borrowing, so the challenge is really to synthesize elements from sources encountered during and before this fall's series of CEs. These syntheses or manifestos should be selected and organized so as to inspire and inform your efforts in extending critical thinking beyond the CEs. For a brief introduction to the experience of past students who wrote manifestos for critical thinking, see section 2 of Taylor (2002).

Corresponding to your manifesto, what is your plan for practice to develop your ability to foster the development of others as critical thinkers in your work/life/teaching situation? The plan should demonstrate how and when you plan to put into practice the skills and tools from the CEs - in your work situation or community, and/or how you could adapt and practice using those tools for opportunities in the future. You should include a plan for evaluating the outcome so you learn from experience and practice.

Taylor, P. J., (2002) "We Know More Than We Are, At First, Prepared To Acknowledge: Journeying to Develop Critical Thinking." Working Papers in Critical, Creative and Reflective Practice. Paper 1.