Graduate Certificate in Critical and Creative Thinking

(including the Science in a Changing World track)

Students seeking the certificate take a total of fifteen credits, consisting of two core or foundation courses and three other elective courses (chosen after consultation with their faculty advisor and with the approval of the Program Director), and complete an exit performance as part of one of the courses taken.
The Certificate may be taken in the regular CCT track, for which the required core courses are CrCrTh 601 and CrCrTh 602, or in the Science in a Changing World (SICW) track,

The objective of the regular track is to provide a coherent and substantial course of study resulting in an understanding of the skills needed in teaching, training, or designing curriculum for critical and creative thinking and an enhanced ability to use and communicate these skills in professional practice. A special emphasis on Creative Thinking at Work is possible.

The objective of the SICW track is to prepare students to move across the persistent divide between sciences and humanities, to participate in questioning and shaping the direction of science and society, and to teach and engage others to participate in this important endeavor.

Students may enter the Certificate program on its own or as an addition to studies for another UMass Boston graduate degree. Students entering the Certificate program on its own must meet the same admissions criteria as students entering the Master's program, except their statement of intent can be shorter and one fewer letter of recommendation will be acceptable.
Students who have matriculated into another UMB graduate program may apply to add the CCT Certificate program by sending the Additional Program form to the CCT coordinator together with a note regarding why you are interested in the CCT Certificate and authorizing access to your original applications materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statement, etc.). The CCT coordinator reviews (or the admissions committee if the coordinator has any questions about the request) and decides as soon as possible (usually within two weeks of receipt).

Credits from a UMass Boston graduate program may also count for the Certificate (subject to the usual condition for transfer credits that the grade must be B or higher).
On-line sections are available for several courses.

For more information, please contact the Program Office, email

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Last update 24 October 11