Future Semesters' Course Offerings

Course titles and descriptions, with syllabi, past evaluations, and required texts.

Students can use this chart to plan their program of studies on the understanding that course offerings are subject to change. CCT's goal is to ensure that courses are offered at least once in a two-year cycle so that all students can get a chance to take any course they want to.
All courses can be taken synchronous online (using internet to bring all students into class sessions that meet on a weekly schedule) except when marked aol (for asynchronous online courses). Students can also attend fall and spring semester sessions in the classroom and summer classes marked +f2f (for also face-to-face).
The following courses can be taken twice for credit, as long as the theme is different: 611, 612, 645, 688, 692. If 692 is taken twice, the first time is an elective, the second time as the required pre-capstone course.
Courses can be taken in any order except required 692 must be completed before 694 can be taken and required 692 and 693 are best taken when students have taken many other courses.

Semester Year
Regular track Core(+)
SICW track Core
(see also core courses for the other track)
Research & Engagement (both tracks)
Fall, even years
618, 655*
Fall, odd years
601, 651
616 630
Spring, odd years
615, 653, 688
693, 694
Spring, even years
602, 603 (=Phil 501)
670, 688
693, 694
Summer even

611 (Design),
612 (Creative Blocks)(aol), 627

Summer odd

612 (Creative Realization of Ideas), 618+f2f, 619 (aol)

+ See http://bit.ly/CCTTE for core courses in the Transformative Education concentration and the LAIS page for core courses in the Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies (LAIS) concentration

Last update: 19 July 2019