Course planning in CCT

Ideal sequence/ Check-off list

Foundation Courses, regular track Foundation Courses, Science in a Changing World track Electives -- These should be taken when they match your interest, even if this it at the same time as the foundation courses.
Description of specialization/interest addressed in electives: Final Required Courses
It is possible to complete the regular track in a year, but most students take two years or more. The SICW track requires at least 2 years to complete.

To see which CCT electives are to be offered, check website for upcoming semesters' offerings and provisional longer-term plans.
We want our local M.A. students to be part of the face-to-face community, so matriculated students who are not taking the whole program online MUST get the permission of the Program Director to take on-line versions of courses that are also offered face-to-face.

Please complete and submit the following. You will not be bound by this plan, but it will help the Program plan well and avoid cancellation of courses. Keep a copy for yourself.

Courses already taken:
Future plans
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Last update 3 June 2012