Reflective Practice Group

(an addition to Thinking for Change, files/tfc.html and an affiliate of the CCT Alum Network)


Evolving organizational ideals (13 Mar 06) - to be reworked by the organizing committee as we reflect on our experience!  -- recent adjustments highlighted in yellow



To support people in putting into practice, taking stock of outcomes, and extending what they learned during CCT studies and afterwards (or in equivalent experiences).

To be organized in a sustainable fashion (no burn outs!)

(The group may support the CCT program in outreach and recruitment, but this is not a goal of the Reflective Practice Group.)


Organizing committee of 8

Commitment for a year at a time to share organizing load and not to rely on CCT faculty to pick up the ball when gets dropped

One person commits to act as liaison among the organizing committee =  ?

Each person takes one meeting to organize site, food, session leader, icebreaking/checking-in, and closing, publicizing topic, getting RSVPs, arranging an assistant.  Organizer also passes on any lessons learned to the next organizer and makes sure that someone volunteers to be organizer for  the session after that.

(site may be one's own home; food may be pot-luck, take-in, combination)

Collaborate to arrange replacements for departing members of organizing committee

Collaborate to remind session organizer not also to be session leader without arranging an assistant

Collaborate to draw in participants

One person to maintain Evite to send out invitations for sessions = Michelle initiated system as “rpgorganizer” and torch (&password) will get passed from one organizer to the next

One person collects any material to be archived on website ( = Peter T.

Organizing Group (as of 10/05): Kristen Bennett, Peter Galeno, Crystal King, Mona LiBlanc, Michelle Morgan, Laura Rancatore, Peter Taylor, Luanne Witkowski, Abby Yanow



2-2.5 hours?  Monthly or less often? Regular day of the month?


One or more people share challenges in their work and/or experiment with new tools using the group as guinea pigs, and get appreciations and suggestions of things to keep developing

OR person leads us in reflecting on our practice in some systematic way

Closing activity

Confidentiality unless otherwise indicated

Participants = CCT graduates, students, faculty, and invitees (courtesy notice to the organizer) ?who can commit to attending at least 50% of the meetings for a year.  (Reason: Support is stronger if there is trust borne of some continuity and shared experience.)

Eat & socialize afterwards?


2005-6 schedule & venues – emailto: to be added to future “Evite” invitations

Dialogue Process on Reflective Practice Support Group, March

Peter Taylor on "Remembering conversations,” October 30

Abby Yanow, “How we respond to change,” December 4

Pat Scannell, “Bring fun into our practice (Improv. Workshop),” January 29.

Peter Taylor, re-evaluating our role as bystander and by-“stood up,” March 12.





Person leading/sharing & topic


Rescheduled for 5.30-8pm, Weds. May 31st

UMassBoston, room TBA

Allyn Bradford leads a dialogue session on reflective practice